About MMDAgent-EX

An extended version of MMDAgent for research, development and fun of dialogue system.

MMDAgent-EX is a software platform for research, development and making fun of dialogue systems on mobile and cloud enviroment. It is an extended version of MMDAgent that supports multiple OS, Web-based content sharing, improved MMD compatibility, data logging facility with REST API / Apache Kafka, RSA content encryption and many other improvements.

You can play, create and share spoken dialog systems and voice interaction systems with MMDAgent-EX.

Man-Machine Conversation as Media Contents

In the AI era, making natural conversation with software agent will be a daily part of one's life. Unlike keyboard typing or tapping, natural conversation is human-oriented and everyone has his own way of talking. In near future where AI technologies are surrounding us, people will want various talking agents. Like the "skinnable" interface of current web browsers and music player software, users will enjoy a freedom to choose one's favorite. Thus, dialogue system will become a consumable media that people is free to choose a favorite one or create his own. MMDAgent-EX is originally developed to explore the possiblity of the "dialogue media content" in social experiments.

Original MMDAgent

Check out the original version of MMDAgent. The MMDAgent Encyclopedia collects documentations about MMDAgent.

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Feature Keywords

Cloud-based, PMX beta support, improved manipulation, advance features for content providers, stable on iOS / Android, and many fixes.

Open Source? Not Yet?

We have a GitHub page as issue based social channel. Join it for feature requests, bug reports, and share insights!

MMDAgent-EX is not open-sourced for now, since some of the codes are not ready for open now.