Recent updates

Recent updates at the first week of 2020.

After the first release of MMDAgent-EX, we are working on writing missing documents. Almost 80% has been ended, including:

Currently search menu is not working correctly, google just indexes only the top page of our site. We are now trying to fix it.

Things we plan to do next within a month:

  • Doc: fix google search
  • Doc: tutorial for editing content
  • Doc: ASR / TTS details
  • Doc: advanced features
  • Dev: enable English ASR/TTS support
  • Dev: tune up ASR
  • Dev: plugin SDK release
  • Dev: more examples for demonstration

Follow us:

  • Twitter: @PMmdagent: official annoucement for users (mainly in Japanese)
  • This Blog: words from the development team
  • GitHub site: community for developer and creator