Customize AppData

Way to let MMDAgent-EX use a customized AppData.

The AppData folder

The “AppData” holds all system data such as voice models, dictionaries and other application settings. At first time launch, it will be downloaded and stored under the _sys directory in content cache folder.

Use custom AppData

If you want to use your own ASR model or change models, you can make your own AppData directory and let MMDAgent-EX use the AppData instead of the default one.

If you want to use a custamized AppData, place your customized AppData directory under the same place of the executable binary file.

There are no way to customize AppData in iOS and Android. It may be supported in the future, depending on request.

How it works

At startup, MMDAgent-EX searches if the AppData directory exists in the following order, and the first found one will be used.

  • Under the same directory of the executable binary file.
  • Under _sys directory in content cache folder.

If not found on the places above, MMDAgent-EX downloads the default AppData from the official Web, and save the whole cache into “[Contents folder]/_sys/”. Thus, at the second launch after download, the cache will be used.

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