Sharing a content

Share your content with others! There are several ways.

Your dialogue content can be shared by various ways:

  • as files in a local folder,
  • as a single package file (.mmda)
  • or on a URL.

Here we explain three ways to share your content others.

Local folder

Just give the whole files in your content folder to others. A dialogue content does not depend on any other file outside the folder (unless it is explicitly specified). Just give the folder content eigher on cloud folder sharing service, or make a zip archive and send them.

Others can start playing the content by starting MMDAgent-EX with the .mdf file in the content as command line argument, or opening the .mdf file in explorer. On Android, you can play local content on memory card, by starting the .mdf file from file explorer to start the content.

.mmda package file

A zipeed content archive can be directly opened on MMDAgent-EX, when the zipped content folder is given with its file name suffix as “.mmda”. How to make it:

% cd (content_folder)
% cd ..
% zip -r mycontent.mmda (content_folder)


Build index, and upload the whole files into a directly that can be accessible via http or https. You can upload the folder to any web server, or put it on a cloud file server (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc) and give person its sharable URL.

Give users the URL as either “http://...”, “https://...” or “mmdagent://...” which points to your content. All of them works as the same, but sharing URL as “mmdagent://...” is smarter way. Just tapping the mmdagent://... URL at any App can automatically will start MMDAgent-EX on iOS, Android and Mac. For other OS, the URL should be manually given to MMDAgent-EX. See how to play web contents how to play it.

The Web content supports incremental update. Any updates in the content will be automatically pushed to your user. See the index building tool page how to make it work correctly.

Last modified February 13, 2020: Fix misc, add sharing (ff92f5f)