Scenario file (.fst)

Scenario, as a state automaton.

.fst file is a text file containing dialogue management definition, written in OpenFST-like format. See the “Writing Scenario” page for details.

At least one FST file (primary FST) is required to run a content in MMDAgent-EX. The starting FST file should have a name of the same basename as the startup .mdf file. For example, when a content has foobar.mdf at the top directory of the content to start, the fst file name should be foobar.fst.


Concurrent scenario management with sub-FST

You can run multiple FSTs in parallel. They are called “sub-FST”. The primary FST and sub-FSTs will run simultaneously. All FSTs capture all messages and can output messages. This sub-FST function enables us to handle complex scenario where multiple concurrent event should be handled at the same time.

You can define sub-FST by having the primary FST’s file name as prefix. Below is an example. A primary FST (FooBar.fst in this example) as two sub-FSTs.

  • FooBar.fst
  • FooBar.fst.1
  • FooBar.fst.hogehoge.fst

At startup, after MMDAgent-EX finds the primary FST, it will also search for any files that has the primary FST as prefix, and start all the files in different threads to run concurrently.