Model (.pmx/pmd)

3-D models.

.pmx and .pmd files are 3-D model definition file. The format is used in MikuMikuDance.

MMDAgent-EX provisionally supports PMX format. The models in PMX format has special restrictions for its usage. Users who wish to use an PMX model or its converted model shall use this service after agreeing to the following conditions.


  • Commercial usage of PMX model is prohibited
  • Do not abuse the PMX models against the usage conditions set by the model rights holder.
  • Access to a violating content that abuses PMX may be forcibly stopped without notice.


  • “PMX” watermark will be always displayed when using a PMX model.
  • Anyone can view file names in a content via built-in file browser.
  • Please report us if you find any unauthorized use, infringement of the terms or suspected cases from the report form at the contact page of this site.

How to use PMX

Convert the PMX file into PMD file and CSV file with PMXEditor:

  • Read the PMX file with PMXEditor.
  • From menu, export as PMD format, then save as “xxx.pmd”.
  • From menu, convert it as CSV file “xxx.pmd.csv”.

Then place the converted files in the same location as the original pmx file. Note that the csv file name should be “model.pmd.csv”, not “model.csv”.


When MMDAgent-EX reads the .pmd file, if “.pmd.csv” exists, it loads additional information from the CSV file and perform PMX-compliant rendering.


The models that matches the following terms are not supported.

  • A model with over 65535 vertices

The following definitions are ignored in MMDAgent-EX.

  • Texture factors (Tex, Sphere, Toon) in material morph
  • Additional UV
  • External parent deformation

Other PMX 2.0 specifications are supported, but the rendering result may differ from original.

  • Material information: fully supported
  • Vertex information: fully supported, including BDEF4 and SDEF (provisional)
  • Bone: Deformation hierarchy, post-physical deformation, arbitrary bone update order
  • All morphs: Vertex Morph, Bone Morph, UV morph, Material morph (except texture factors), Group Morph

More thing

In this application, PMX is converted to PMD and CSV for use. However, in this application, the pair of converted PMD file and CSV file is also considered to be an PMX model, and the original PMX restrictions should be also applied.

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