Getting Started

Install and experience it!

The current system only has Japanese models for speech processing, so the default contents are for Japanese language only. We actually has an English speech model assets already, and are now working to make English version.


Audio input device is required. MMDAgent-EX will open the default audio device for audio input.

Disk room of about 300MBytes are required to store the system data and default content. On desktop OS, all the downloaded files are stored under user’s home directory.

Network connection is required to download the first-time system data. About 200 MBytes of data will be downloaded at start up.

If you can, it’s better to move to a quiet room or office environment. Speech recognition may suffer from noises.


Install the beta app from the download page. Follow the link for your OS and proceed for installation. Only minimal set of binaries are installed.

On Mac OS, open the downloaded .dmg file and move the App into Application.

On Windows, open the downloaded .zip file and put them anywhere you like.

On Linux, open the downloaded .tgz and put them anywhere you like.

First time launch

The app first downloads all system data and default dialogue content from system server.

Just launch the app to start! On iOS and Android, tap the installed App icon. On desktop OS, run the executable “MMDAgent-EX” or “MMDAgent-EX.exe”. Stay until all the data has been downloaded.

Try it out!

After successfull start up, the default dialogue content is playing now. You can talk with to the default sample agent. Take a brief look at the following pages to know basics.

Startup screen

Play with another Web content

As an extra, you can try another Web content we have prepared to experience Web-based content deliverling and management. It is a fun-made real-time rendered dancing content originally built on MikuMikuDance by creators. Although there are no speech interaction in the content, you can see the power of MMD-based anime-like rich character expression, being rendered on real-time with high frame rate.

To start, just tap the link below! If it does not work, paste the link to the window or restart with the link as argument. (See the detailed instruction how to start it)

Swipe from right edge or press / key to open menu. Left / right flick press arrow keys to flip through pages, and Tap or Enter to select.


You can show the content-provided buttons by

  • Tap and hold at the center of the screen, or
  • Press q key, or
  • Open menu, swipe left to “[Contents]” page, then select “Show Buttons…”.

In the default content, tapping the shown buttons will open a web page related to MMDAgent-EX in web browser.

Buttons in default content that appears with long tap on center screen of `q` key.


You can bookmark the content. The bookmarked content can be played again from your menu.

Open the menu, flick until “[Favorite]” page, then tap [+] to add the current content.

Open menu and flick to the left to show the page.

Tap [+] to add the current content!

OK, what shall I do next?

  • Read the introduction of dialogue content.
  • Go through the Tutorial to try modifying the example content.

And feel free to join the community!

Last modified February 13, 2020: doc update (a5ad305)