Sample contents

A list of sample dialogue contents you can learn from.

Here is a list of sample contents you can learn from.

Default dialogue content

The default dialogue content that runs as default at startup. It consists of open data, covering basic functions of MMDAgent-EX. It’s better that you can start with here.

A dancing content

As an extra, you can try another Web content we have prepared to experience Web-based content deliverling and management. It is a fun-made real-time rendered dancing content originally built on MikuMikuDance by creators. Although there are no speech interaction in the content, you can see the power of MMD-based anime-like rich character expression, being rendered on real-time with high frame rate.

This is a demonstration content that shows you the expression capability and fast rendering of MMDAgent-EX. The content is composed of several materials which has been made open at the MMD community with a proper license term. You can see to what extent a character can be drawn and moved in MMDAgent-EX, with MikuMikuDance platform. Note that no speech interaction is defined in it.

On iOS, Android and MacOS, just tap the link below to start downloading and playing it. On Windows, start MMDAgent-EX, and paste the follwing URL link to the window. On Linux, give the URL as command line argument.

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