Open a content

How to open a content in MMDAgent-EX.

A dialogue content can be in three ways:

Local content
a set of files under a local folder
Web content
a set of files on a Web server
.mmda package content
a single packaged archive on a local folder

Below describes how to open them.

Local content

Assume content files are located under a folder on local file system on your device. You can start playing a local content by just opening the .mdf file with MMDAgent-EX.

On iOS, Android and MacOS, after installing MMDAgent-EX, you can start local content by simply opening the .mdf file in file manager. Since no installer is given for Windows and Linux binaries, you shuld use a drag-and-drop to execute .mdf file on MMDAgent-EX executable file, or manually register the “.mdf” suffix to be opened by MMDAgent-EX on system menu.

Web content

Assume content files are placed at a cloud Web server. The content location should be given by a URL indicating the top folder, like, or mmdagent://

To start playing, simply open MMDAgent-EX with the URL. Opening the URL link on a web browser will automatically start MMDAgent-EX with the link on some OS. If not, start MMDAgent-EX with the URL in command argument to MMDAgent-EX, like MMDAgent-EX.exe <URL>. On Windows, copy and paste the content URL to the existing MMDAgent-EX window by CTRL+v will also work.

.mmda package content

A content file, given as a single file that packs a whole dialogue content into a single file.

% MMDAgent-EX yourcontents.mmda

It is actually a simple zip file that contains a single folder that holds all the content files. You can pack a local content by zip it and rename .zip to .mmda.

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