Content cache in local folder

Where the downloaded contents are located in your device.

Content cache folder is a location where MMDAgent-EX keeps all the data cache. Downloaded contents, runtime configurations and other temporary files are stored under the directory.

iOS and Android

The cache folder is created inside the application internal file area.

Desktop OS

The cache folder is created under your desktop folder with name MMDAgent-Content.

Note that every MMDAgent-EX process will share the same content cache.

If you want to use another location, specify an environment variable “MMDAgentContentDir”. If an enviroment variable “MMDAgentContentDir” is defined before app starts, MMDAgent-EX uses it as cache folder path instead of above.

Cleaning up

You can clean up the cached data from menu. Also you can delete the content cache folder manually.

Last modified January 6, 2021: re-organized document (984d397)