Opening a content

How to open a content in MMDAgent-EX.

A dialogue content can be given to MMDAgent-EX in three ways:

Local file
a local folder on your device
Web content
a URL for a content
.mmda package content
an archive on a local folder

You can re-run the recently played content from the history menu.

Local file

MMDAgent-EX can play a set of content files placed under a folder on local file system on your device. You can start playing a Local files by opening the startup file (.mdf) in the content with MMDAgent-EX.

  $ ./Release/MMDAgent-EX.exe /some/where/foobar.mdf

On Windows, drag-and-drop the .mdf file on the .exe file also works. You can bind “.mdf” suffix to execute the .exe file to execute the content at double click. On iOS, Android and MacOS, MMDAgent-EX will be installed as an application for .mdf file, so you can simply open the .mdf file in file manager to start.

Web content

MMDAgent-EX can download a content from URL. The content location should be given by a URL indicating the top folder, like, or mmdagent://

Note: probably Google Drive, DropBox and other network folder will not work, since each file in the folder shoule be accessible from client as a URL with direct file name, like, A cloud file system since they encodes file names and does not allow files to be accessed directly by its name, so it will not work.

To start playing, simply open MMDAgent-EX with the URL.

  $ ./Release/MMDAgent-EX.exe mmdagent://

Also opening the URL link on a web browser will automatically start MMDAgent-EX with the link on some OS. If not, start MMDAgent-EX with the URL in command argument to MMDAgent-EX like above.

On Windows, paste the URL with CTRL+v on App window will also work.

.mmda package content

A content file, given as a single file that packs a whole dialogue content into a single file.

  $ ./Release/MMDAgent-EX.exe yourcontents.mmda

It is actually a simple zip file that contains a single folder that holds all the content files. You can pack a Local files by zip it and rename .zip to .mmda.

Last modified July 24, 2022: re-organized for more simplicity (a3ae1a9)