Project preface of MMDAgent-EX.

What is MMDAgent-EX?

MMDAgent-EX is an experimental software platform for research, development and making fun of dialogue systems on mobile and cloud environment. You can play, create and share spoken dialog systems and voice interaction systems with MMDAgent-EX.

It is an extended version of MMDAgent that supports multiple OS, Web-based content sharing, excellent MMD compatibility, data logging facility with REST API / Apache Kafka, data encryption and many other improvements.

The goal of this project is to promote a baseline system that lets people to:

  • play various dialogue sytems more instantly
  • create and share his own dialogue system freely
  • connect dialogue system creators and users directly
  • do social experiments of a dialogue system and collect data on research purpose

What is changed from original version?

The changes from the original version is as follows:

  • Direct content download and automatic update
  • Recent speech API on iOS/Android (VoiceProcessingIO / AAudio)
  • Better downloaded content handling
  • Data collection and real-time interaction logging facility (REST API / Apache Kafka)
  • Better MMD compatibility, including PMX support
  • Tons of bug fixes and updates, works fine on mobile devices

The full list of difference is listed in the Release 1.3 document in blog.

Why do I want it?

MMDAgent-EX is good for people who:

  • want to exprience talking with agents in mobile device
  • is fun of a character and curious about creating your own talking agent
  • is studing dialogue system and want to collect data in a social experiments
  • has concern about next-era conversational user interface
  • feels it interesting to know concept of our “dialogue media content”
  • is a fun of MMD, and loves its platform
  • was once a lover of MMDAgent and expects more for its future

Is is not good for people who:

  • feel uncomfortable talking to a software human-like agent
  • does not like anime-style expression
  • can not stand speech processing errors
  • claims to be run on old devices (iOS < 9, Android < 6)

Where should I go next?

Go to the Getting Started section and follow the instruction for the first experience of MMDAgent-EX. The Usage Manual describes how to use this app to play the contents.

If you are interested to modify a content (i.e. changing models) or making your own content for MMDAgent-EX, read the introduction and get into the Usage Manual to know how to interact with this app.

If you want to edit a content, first take a look at the System for the overview of this system, and learn the component of a dialogue content in the Dialogue Content section. The details of file formats in the content and other specifications are described in File Format section, including how to use PMX models in MMDAgent-EX.

You can distribute your dialogue content on the Web. See the Deploy pages to know how to do that.

You can also consult detailed documentations about All Messages available on MMDAgent-EX. Also you can see seveal use case and howtos in the HowTo section.

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