Periodic content update

Automatically update a file in a URL content at periodically.

In a dialogue Web content, you can set up your content to “push” any content files to the clients at every certain period.

In a Web content, specifying the following options in PACKAGE_DESC.txt will make clients to fetch the specified files at a certain time interval.


When autoUpdatePriod is specified in PACKAGE_DESC.txt of a Web content, it will download the files listed in autoUpdateFiles every after the specified seconds are ellapsed during playing the content. In the example above, while playing the content, the client will re-fetch the “xxx.mdf”, “xxx.fst” and “xxx.png” files from their source at every 20 seconds.

This feature can be used to make part of your content dynamic, such as updating weather forcast data at every hour, make your agent tells different things according to time or day, or push dialogue content from server side every day.

Last modified January 6, 2021: re-organized document (984d397)