Browse content files

See what files are included in the content.

How to look inside the content.

Internal browser

You can browse the content directly in MMDAgent-EX using internal file browser, by “Browse files” function (Shift+O or from Menu). Use arrow keys or tap to navigate through the directory.

Internal file browser.

Cache directory

You can directly look into the content stored in the content cache directory. On Windows, you can immediately open the current content’s folder in expolorer by “Shift+E”, or open the scenario FST file directly by “E” key.

Inhibiting browsing

For content provider: you can inhibit the internal browser to see inside your content by specifying nonBrowse=true in PACKAGE_DESC.txt. You can also limit your content to be played only on iOS / Android and not on desktop OS by nonDesktop=true. You can further encrypt all of your content with RSA encryption to completely protect your files.

Last modified January 6, 2021: re-organized document (984d397)