Privary remark

MMDAgent-EX has a function to collect log of user interactions toward content provider

MMDAgent-EX has a function to record user’s interaction log while using this application and send to the content provider. When a content provider enables logging at their dialogue content, it will save some logging data and send it to the specified server. The kind of data a provider may collect are:

  • Internal message log which includes dialog process, speech recognition result and other interaction records.
  • Voice input waveform of the user (speech part detected by speech recognition engine)

MMDAgent-EX explicitly shows content’s information whether the content will collect data or not, by icons on the Content menu. A content marked with the following mark will collect a text log.

Icon for text logging enabled content

Also a content marked with the following mark will save voice input

Icon for voice logging enabled content

Also, MMDAgent-EX will notify users when user’s action is being logged. A colored edges around the screen is displayed while collecting a log, so you can easily notify that you are logging at that time.

MMDAgent-EX simply provides both content provider and users a facility to collect log per content. We, as MMDAgent Developer, do not collect any user data without notice. When playing content, you should aware that the logging will be performed by the content provider, not us. The content provider who collect the log is responsible for the data collection, so if you have some question about permission or use of the collected data, please contact the content provider.

Last modified May 4, 2020: Reorganizing en doc (fbca242)