Editing and creating a dialogue content: a tutorial workthrough.

This is a tutorial editing the example content. Go through this tutorial to know what you can do and learn how to do it.

This tutorial assumes you are on desktop OS (Windows/Linux/Mac).

Prepare a sample conrent

First of all, you should prepare an sample content. Copy the default dialogue content downloaded at first launch to your working folder for this tutorial.

If you did not yet run MMDAgent-EX on your machine, first launch MMDAgnet-EX. At first launch, MMDAgent-EX will download the default dialogue content from Web server ant play it. Exit the app after successfull start up, by ESC key or closing the window.

Modify it

Now the default content is downloaded and placed at content cache folder. Please make a copy of the whole folder to your working folder and see what’s inside.

Various examples of modifying a content is written in this section. You can try any of them and see it’s changing by playing it.

You can directly start the modified content by executing the .mdf file in your modified content. Open the .mdf file with MMDAgent-EX. On Windows, double-tap the .mdf file and choose MMDAgent-EX, or drop the file onto MMDAgent-EX’s executable file. Or, give the .mdf file as command argument to start it.

Share it with others on Web

You can upload the whole folder of your modified content to a cloud and make it accessible via URL, then your content can be directly played by any MMDAgent-EX client, by giving MMDAgent-EX the URL or make link as “mmdagent:://..” on browser. See how to play web contents how to play it.

Before uploading you should build an index file, and upload the generated index file with your content file. Also note that when you have modified some files after upload and going to re-upload the updated content, you should re-build the index file and overwrite the index file on the Web so that an MMDAgent-EX client can detect the update of the content.

Modify a conversation

Change speaking text to what you like.

Add a new conversation

Add a new converstation to the example.

Change 3-D model

Let’s change the agent 3-D model to other model.

Change motions

Change the reaction motion of the agent to what you like.

Modify voice parameters

Tweak the voice style and parameters to control the output speech quality.

Set up scene

Let’s change background, floor or use stage to set up the scene’s context.

Move camera

Move the camera with an event for dynamic view.

Play sound

Add some sound or music to an event to make interaction more fun.

Prompt users with dialog box

You can show an on-screen text dialog box at any time to ask user a choice.

Show text, image, document

Put any text or image onto the scene, or open a text document file in full screen.

More 3-D object

Add 3-D object model in the scene and manipulate it with events.

Multiple characters

Put more agents and have a party talk!

Motion composition

Use motion composition to realize more interactive reaction.

Utilizing menu

Example of adding menu item to give users a choise of configuration.

Integrate with backend

Introduces some ways to connect MMDAgent-EX with other network services.

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