Writing FST

Write a dialogue scenario in .fst file

The dialogue scenario of MMDAgent(-EX) is written in FST format, in .fst file.

.fst file is a text file that basically contains arc definitions each per line:

state to input output

where state is a state number where the arc exists, to is the target state number of the arc, input is the input message to be matched, and output is the message to be output when this transition occurs.

The initial state number is fixed to 0.

VSCode Extension

Introduction to VS Code extension for .fst writing.

Basic format

Basic format of FST, common to all MMDAgent variants and versions.

Extended format

Simpler FST writing from MMDAgent-EX 2.0 and later.

Last modified July 24, 2022: re-organized for more simplicity (a3ae1a9)