Fist to know what a dialogue content is.

A “dialogue contents” is a set of files that defines various component of a dialogue system. it consists of a set of files for dialogue system, including a content-specific user dictionary for speech recognition, a voice model for speech synthesis, 3-D models, images, text, motions, and dialogue scenarios. By creating these, you can construct any voice conversation / speech interaction.

MMDAgent-EX is compatible with MMDAgent, so that contents for MMDAgent also works with MMDAgent-EX.

A brief list of included files are listed below. See the Creating Contents section for details of each files.

  • Start-up file (.mdf)
  • Dialogue system components
    • Dialogue script (.fst)
    • 3-D models and motions (.pmd, .vmd)
    • TTS Voice model (.htsvoice)
    • Open JTalk setting file (.ojt)
    • Other assets (images etc.)
  • Additional resources for each module
    • Recognition word dictionary (.dic)
    • Rapid word dictionary (.rapiddic)
    • Julius JConf file (.jconf)
    • Button definitions (BUTTON*.txt)
  • Package definition
    • Package description (PACKAGE_DESC.txt)
    • Description text (README.txt)