A list of example dialogue contents you can learn from.

Here is a list of example contents you can learn from. Some of them are originally built by MMDAgent-EX developer, and some of them are just borrowed for demonstration.

Default dialogue content

The default dialogue content that runs as default at startup. It consists of open data, covering basic functions of MMDAgent-EX. It’s better that you can start with here.

A dancing content

A fun-made character dancing content is set up for the purpose of:

  • Testing Web-based content deliverling and management
  • Demonstrating capability of anime-like character expressions in MMD
  • Showing MMDAgent-EX’s rendering compatibility with MikuMikuDance.

Just tap the link below to play in MMDAgent-EX. If it does not work, paste the link to the window, or restart MMDAgent-EX with the link as argument. (See instruction how to start Web content)