RSA encryption

Support for RSA encryption to protect a content.

MMDAgent-EX can handle a private content. All files in a private content can only be read in MMDAgent-EX, and cannot be used in other applications or tools.

If you want to deliver your content as private content, please read below carefully and contact the MMDAgent-EX developer to apply for the encryption key.


MMDAgent-EX supports encryption of files in a content. By encrypting, the files in the content cannot be modified or reused. Also the encrypted files can be read only in MMDAgent-EX and not applicable to other tools.

This encryption scheme is for giving an oppotunity to content provider who wants people to play the content but not want to make it open.

The file body will be encrypted, but the file name will not be encrypted. This is for keeping transparency and help users to find an illegal use of a model even if the content is encrypted.

Terms of use for encryption

  • Compliance to the MMDAgent-EX Terms of Service
  • Do not disclose related information such as encryption technology and procedures to third parties.
  • Encryption is a function provided by as is, and does not necessarily guarantee further improvement or security in the future.
  • In the unlikely event that the encryption is cracked or the encryption function does not function as intended, the operator of this site and the developer of MMDAgent-EX shall not be liable for any damage caused thereby.

How to apply

The encryption scheme is not open. If you want to encrypt the contents, please contact the developer via community site or Twitter DM.

  • Name, organization name, contact email address
  • Purpose of use (individual, circle, company, etc.)
  • Detailed description of the content (giving the exact content in URL or zip is fine, but brief explanation is also applicable)
  • Start and end date of use
  • Check box: I accept the above terms and conditions.
  • Check box: All included files have cleared the Terms of Service
  • Check box: I agree to the handling of personal information

We’ll send you a wrap-around with detailed instructions on encryption. In order to perform encryption, an execution environment for the openssl command is required.

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