Packing a content

Packing a content to be delivered. There are three types.

As shown in contents opening page, three content types are supported in MMDAgent-EX:

  • Local folder
  • Web
  • .mmda single packaged archive

This page shows how to make a dialogue package to be delivered.

Local folder

Just place all content files under a folder, and share it with others.

Web content

Build index, and upload the whole files including the index file into a directly that can be accessible via http or https.

Give users the URL as either “http://...”, “https://...” or “mmdagent://...” which points to your content. All of them works as the same, but sharing URL as “mmdagent://...” is smarter way. Just tapping the mmdagent://... URL at any App can automatically will start MMDAgent-EX on iOS, Android and Mac. For other OS, the URL should be manually given to MMDAgent-EX.

The Web content supports incremental update. Any updates in the content will be automatically pushed to your user.

.mmda package content

It is actually a simple zip file that contains a single folder that holds all the content files. You can pack a local content by zip it and rename .zip to .mmda.