How to interact with tap, mouse and keys.

Mouse / keyboard / gesture bindings.

See “Gesture” for iOS / Android, and “Mouse, Keyboard” for Desktop OS.

On iOS / Android, most of the non-gesture functions below can be accessed in the menu.

In the following table, important features are written in bold.


Function Gesture Mouse Keyboard
*Exit App - - ESC
*Restart App - - Shift+r
*Show history - - Shift+H
Browse files - - Shift+o
Open .fst in editor (win) - - e
Open folder in explorer (win) - - Shift+e
Restore window setting - - !
Save screenshot - - Shift+G

You can save window location, size and maximize/minimize status from a menu, and restore it with the key above.

The screenshot will be saved to %ContentDir%/snapshot.png.

Audio Volume Control

Adjust audio input volume, or tweak speech detection trigger.

Function Gesture Mouse Keyboard
*Show/Hide input volume left edge swipe left edge swipe a
Change sound detection threshold - - <, >


Toggle display.

Function Gesture Mouse Keyboard
*Toggle full screen - - f
*Hide / show text indicator - - s
Show / hide Bones - - b
show / hide Log window - - d
Show / hide physics bodies - - Shift+w
Toggle wire rendering - - w
Disable / enable VSync - - Shift+v

Show / Hide menus and buttons.

Function Gesture Mouse Keyboard
*Show buttons tap-hold click-hold q
*Show Menu right edge swipe right edge swipe /
Hide Menu tap out click out Esc or /
Flip page in menu flick flick arrows
Select menu item tap click Enter
Option menu of the item tap-hold click-hold Shift+Enter


Function Gesture Mouse Keyboard
*Rotate view tap-move drag arrows
*Zoom in / out pinch Ctrl+wheel +, -
*Pan view double-tap-move Shift+drag Shift+arrows
*Reset camera - - c


Function Gesture Mouse Keyboard
*Shadow off/on - - Shift+s
*Enable / disable shadow map (desktop) - - x
*Change AutoLuminous intensity (desktop) - - Shift+l
Move model on XZ plane - Ctrl+drag model -
Move model on XY plane - Ctrl+Shift+drag model -
Delete model - double-tap model, DEL key double-tap model, DEL key
Change light direction - Ctrl+Shift+drag -
Make edge wider/thinner - - k, Shift+k
Disable / enable physics - - p
Revert physics - - Shift+p
Time forward/backward - - Ctrl+arrows
Scene hold on/off - - h
Eye gaze on mouse (desktop) - - l


Function Gesture Mouse Keyboard
*Show / hide log window - - d
*Show / hide FST status - - Shift+f
Narrow log by keyword - - ?, type words, DEL to off
Scroll up/down log window - - PAGEUP, PAGEDOWN
Open external log window (win32) - - Shift+d

File drag & drop to window (win)

File Onto WithKeyPressed What happens Note
.vmd model - start motion add/change, name = “base”, full, loop
.vmd - Ctrl start for all models add/change, name = “base”, full, loop
.vmd model Shift append additional motion add, partial, once
.vmd - Ctrl+Shift append for all models add, partial, once
.pmd model - replace the model
.pmd - Ctrl add a new model to scene
image file - - set back board image png, jpg, bmp, tga
image file - Ctrl set floor image png, jpg, bmp, tga
.xpmd - - set stage