Make your favorite list of contents in menu.

Favorite menu

The top page of the menu is favorite content list. You can bookmark a Web content to the list.

Once listed,

  • You can play the content from the menu.
  • Content will be automatically updated when the source was updated,
  • You can re-read the README file from option menu

On Desktop OS, you can also call History (Shift+H) to easily access to recently played content.

Add content to bookmark

Open the menu and tap the [+] then the current content will be bookmarked as new item.

Open menu and flick to the left to show the page.

Tap [+] to add the current content!

On Desktop OS, move cursor by up/down key and select [+] also works.

Open bookmark

Tapping on the item will switch to the specified content.

On Desktop OS, move cursor and hit enter to open

Option menu

Open option menu on the bookmark to read document, set it as home, or delete it.

Tap and hold, or “Shift+Enter on the item to open the option menu, and tap or use arrow key to select the item.

  • View” will show its readme text, as shown at the first launch.
  • SetHome” will set the content as home content.
  • Delete” will delete the content from the device.

What icons mean

The following icons will be overlayed on the menu item to indicate the status of the content.

Icon Desc.
Sticky image Home content
Play image Playing content
Update image Has something to update on server
Log image Logging enabled (text)
Audio image Logging enabled (audio)