Draw any text or image on 3-D scene.




Arguments of TEXTADD_ADD message. Options before tr,tg,tb,ta is required, and options after x,y,z are optional.

    | alias \
    | width,height \
    | textscale,margin,exlinespace,outline \
    | br,bg,bb,ba \
    | tr,tg,tb,ta \   (above is required)
    | x,y,z \
    | rx,ry,rz \
    | (parent model alias) \
    | (parent bone name)


A new alias name.

Width and height of the text area box.  Set positive values to force the size: The box will be drawn always to the specified size, regardless of the content.  A content smaller than the box will be placed centered within the box, and a larger content will be scaled down to fit inside the box.

When the value is set to 0, the box will be set according to the content.  The content will be drawn as is, and the surrounding box will be expanded automatically to fit to the size of the content.

Text scale (default is 1.0), space margin between content body and box edge (default is 1.0), extra line space at line break (default is 0), and switch whether drawing text in "outline "style (0 to disable, 1 to enable, 0 is default).  The last "outline" can be omitted for backward compatibility.

Background box RGBA color.  Each value should be [0..1].  Set the last "ba" to 0 to disable rendering the background box.

Text RGBA color.  Each value should be [0..1].

[x,y,z] (optional)
Position coordinate of the center of this area box.  If parent is set, values are local.

[rx,ry,rz] (optional)
Rotation degree of this area box.  If parent is set, values are local.

[(parent model alias)] (optional)
Set a model alias name if you want to mount this area box onto other model.

[(parent bone name)]
Set a bone name if you want to mount this area box onto a bone of the model specified above.  If not set, the "center" bone will be used.


TEXTAREA_SET|(textarea alias)|(text)
  Render the text string at the text area.  "\n" will be treated as line break.  The text can
  be embraced with " to include space.

TEXTAREA_SET|(textarea alias)|(image file)
  Render the image at the text area.

TEXTAREA_DELETE|(textarea alias)
  Delete the specified text area