Holding variables and count down timers.


(Warning: incompatibility with MMDAgent since at 2019/4/25) Now MMDAgent-EX issues “TIMER_EVENT_CANCELLED” instead of “TIMER_EVENT_STOP” when re-setting a timer.

When TIMER_START|alias|xxx was issued while the timer “alias” already exists, the previous version of MMDAgent first issues TIMER_EVENT_STOP|alias immediately and then set the timer and issue TIMER_EVENT_START again. This behavior is problematic, because a module that have issued TIMER_START can not determine whether the received TIMER_EVENT_STOP corresponds to the previous (overwritten) timer or the timer itself.

Thus, now MMDAgent-EX will issue TIMER_EVENT_CANCELLED when an existing timer was overridden by TIMER_START.

VALUE_SET|(variable alias)|(value)
VALUE_SET|(variable alias)|(minimum value for random)|(maximum value for random)
VALUE_UNSET|(variable alias)
VALUE_EVAL|(variable alias)|(EQ or NE or LE or LT or GE or GT for evaluation)|(value)
VALUE_EVENT_SET|(variable alias)
VALUE_EVENT_UNSET|(variable alias)
VALUE_EVENT_EVAL|(variable alias)|(EQ or NE or LE or LT or GE or GT for evaluation)|(value)|(TRUE or FALSE)
TIMER_START|(count down alias)|(value)
TIMER_STOP|(count down alias)
TIMER_EVENT_START|(count down alias)
TIMER_EVENT_STOP|(count down alias)
TIMER_EVENT_CANCELLED|(count down alias)