Changes: orig - 1.3

Differences from the original MMDAgent to MMDAgent-EX ver.1.3

Here is a detailed list of differences from original MMDAgent at version 1.3.

New features


  • Windows
  • Mac OS
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Android
  • App distribution via AppStore / Google Play

Cloud content handling

  • Direct content download from Web
  • Download AppData fetching from server at initial startup
  • Automatic content update
  • Downloaded contents management

Speech processing

  • Apple’s internal “Voice Processing Profile” (iOS)
  • Android’s AAudio interface (Android >8.0)
  • Recent Julius including modified VAD module

Look & feel

  • PMX support (beta)
  • Re-designed menu
  • Outlined fonts in menu
  • Re-implemented touch handling
  • Long press
  • Fancy content switching animation
  • Colorized log
  • Can define custom buttons

MMD compatibility

  • PMX rendering support: beta
  • AutoLuminous support (Desktop OS)
  • Rendering Optimization

Cloud logging functions

  • If specified by content, can upload log to a server by REST API
  • If specified by content, can send log to Apache Kafka server


  • Favorite list
  • Call history (Shift+H)
  • Take snapshot (Shift+G)
  • Open FST in editor (E), Open folder (Shift+E) (Windows)
  • Paste URL to open with CTRL+V (Windows)
  • Plugin function to handle log texts: extLog()

Additional plugins (desktop only)

  • Plugin_ErrorBlock
  • Plugin_Network
  • Plugin_Remote

Changes in FST

  • MODEL_DELETE with no specified model cause warning instead of error
  • New output message TIMER_EVENT_CANCELLED will be issued when overwriting an existing timer, instead of TIMER_EVENT_STOP
  • Default value of display_comment_time in .mdf is now 0.0
  • New command message MOTION_REST to rewind motion to its first state.

Fixed bugs

  • Fullscreen always stick to main display on multiple display (Windows)
  • Cannot read .fst when .mdf is specified by relative path
  • Sometimes unable to read a PNG file
  • bullet_fps limits screen refresh rate to its value
  • Crash with PMD model that includes Hankaku-kana (Mac OS)
  • Camera sometimes disappear when close to model
  • Mouse course jumps at fullscreen
  • Often freeze or segfault when switching content (iOS/Android)
  • Fails to render some textures put on exactly the same surface.
  • Too small volume on iPad (iOS)

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