MMDAgent-EX #

Note This site is currently under construction. Please wait for the official launch.

The Voice Interaction and Avatar Communication Toolkit, MMDAgent-EX, is preparing for its release as open-source software around December 2023. MMDAgent-EX is a successor software to MMDAgent, with the following new features. It works on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

  • Extended CG character representation, including PMX compatible support
  • Can integrate Python-based voice recognition, synthesis, dialogue, and LLM modules
  • Full external control via WebSocket communication
  • Bone and morph level external control
  • Easy display of text and images
  • Function to show README
  • Texture animation (APNG support).
  • Web-based content delivery & auto-updates
  • Now on GitHub
  • Documentation
  • Many bug fixes

The CG-CA character model “Gene” and “Uka” for the system is also expected to be released with CC license at the same time.

OK, so what is this site? #

We are now working on a renewal of the MMDAgent-EX site for the above release. The documents in this site are still WIP, may include incorrect information.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please wait for the official launch.

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