Changes from the Original MMDAgent

Changes from the Original MMDAgent #

This article summarizes the main changes from MMDAgent to MMDAgent-EX.

Screen and Display #

Added functions #

  • Detailed log on screen (Shift+f)
  • Show History (Shift+H)
  • Open FST in editor (E: for windows only)
  • Open folder (Shift+E: for windows only)
  • Save screenshot (Shift+G)
  • Disabled viewpoint change by mouse by default: c key to toggle
  • Revert camera (Shift+C)

Post effeects #

  • AutoLuminous (Shift+L)
  • Soft diffusion effect (O key and I key, for Windows only)
  • Doppel shadow effect (Shift+J)

3D model #

FST extension #

Extended FST format, old version still works.

  • Block definition
  • Regular expression
  • Local variable initialization
  • Global variables (KeyValue) are now accessible in FST
  • Now can refer to environmental variables
  • VS Code Extension to write FST file

Speech recognition #

  • Updated engine and models to their latest versions, now DNN based
  • Added English ASR / TTS example modules

Multimodal #

Enhancements for development #

Extensions on mdf and messages #

Many configurations in .mdf and messages are newly defined.

Others #

For more details, please refer to each document.

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