Screen #

Here is a sample screen during content playback:

Sample Screen

(1) Status #

This part indicates the current status. You can toggle it by s key.

  • 60.0fps Display speed (fps)
  • 4x MSAA Anti-aliasing (MSAA) intensity
  • [AL number] AutoLuminous intensity (part luminance)
  • S Shadow display method
    • S: projection shadow
    • SM: shadow map rendeing (high graphical cost)
    • none: no shadow
  • [DF number|number] Diffusion Effect intensity and range

(2) Error Messages #

If a system error occurs, the details of the error will be displayed here.

(3) Network Status #

Some icons may indicate current connection status when WebSocket communication is enabled.

  • Net Icon: Now communicating with WebSocket server
  • Screen Icon: Transmitting screen capture to the server (not yet implemented)
  • Video Icon: Transmitting audio and webcam video to the server (not yet implemented)

(4) Network Communication Messages #

Messages are displayed when the connection status is changed when connected with WebSocket server.

(5) Help Guide #

Help guide text may appear at this area according to the status.

(6) Tab Bar #

  • home: Opens the home content
  • readme: Views the README attached to the content currently playing
  • bookmark: Opens bookmarks
  • history: Opens history
  • menu: Opens the menu
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