Key and Mouse Operations

Key and Mouse Operations #

A list of all operations.

General #

Mouse Key
Exit App - ESC
Switch Fullscreen - F
Switch VSync - Shift+V
Reload - Shift+R
Screenshot *1 - Shift+G
Force Update *2 - !

*1 Saves the screen under MMDAgent-Content on the desktop as snapshot.png

*2 Only valid when auto-update is set up

Bookmark・History・File #

Function Mouse Key
Open Bookmark Bookmark icon
Open History History icon Shift+H
Open current .fst in editor *1 - E
Open current content folder in Explorer *1 - Shift+E
Built-in File Browser - Shift+O

*1 Windows only

Function Mouse Key
Show/Hide Menu Menu icon /
Flip through Menu Flick Left/Right keys
Cursor movement - Up/Down keys
Select item Click Enter
Item options Long press on item Shift+Enter
Hide/Show button Long press on screen Q

Viewpoint (Camera) Change #

By default, viewpoint change is locked and does not work. You can change it by unlocking it with the C key. Lock it again with the C key.

To return to the initial viewpoint state after operation, use the Shift+C key.

Function Mouse Key
Unlock / Re-lock - C
Camera Reset Shift+C
Rotation Drag or Slide Arrow keys
Pan Shift+Drag or Slide from Double Tap Shift+Arrow keys
Zoom Ctrl+Wheel or Pinch with Two Fingers +, -

Display Switch #

Function Mouse Key
Switch Operation Status Display ON/OFF - S
Switch Shadow Display ON/OFF - Shift+S
Switch Physics OFF/ON - P
Eye follows mouse pointer *1 - L
(debug) Show bones - B
(debug) Show physical rigid body - Shift+W
(debug) Show wireframe - W
Thicken toon edge - K
Thin toon edge - Shift+K
Transparent window ON/OFF *2 - T

*1 requires Plugin_LookAt

*2 Windows only, requires parameter settings in .mdf

*1 Effective when Plugin_LookAt is enabled

CG Effects #

Function Mouse Key
Toggle shadow display method (Projection/Shadow map) - X
Change light source position Ctrl+Shift+Drag -
AutoLuminous: OFF→Weak→Strong→OFF - Shift+L
Diffusion Effect intensity: OFF→Weak→Strong→OFF - O
Diffusion Effect spread: OFF→Weak→Strong→OFF - I
Double shadow effect ON/OFF - Shift+J

Log Display #

Function Gesture Mouse Key
Simplified log display ON/OFF - - D
Detailed log display ON/OFF - - Shift+F
Display log in console window *1 - - Shift+D
Scroll log - - PageUP, PageDown
Search keywords in log - - ? + Enter text, Del to finish

*1 Windows only

Scene Management #

Function Mouse Key
Move model on XZ plane Drag model with Ctrl -
Move model on XY plane Drag model with Ctrl+Shift -
Delete model Double click model and hit Del -
Reset rigid body position - Shift+P
Fast forward/rewind scene - Ctrl+leftright
Pause/unpause scene - H

File Drag & Drop #

Windows only

What file to Where to While pressing key What happens Note
.pmd On model - Replace existing model with specified file
.pmd Anywhere Ctrl Display new model
.vmd On model - Play motion Loop play (“base”, FULL, LOOP)
.vmd Anywhere Ctrl Play on all models Apply to all models
.vmd On model Shift Add motion Overlap motions and play once (PART, ONCE)
.vmd Anywhere Ctrl+Shift Add and play on all models Apply to all models
image file Anywhere - Replace background image png, jpg, bmp, tga
image file Anywhere Ctrl Replace floor image png, jpg, bmp, tga
.xpmd Anywhere - Replace stage

Voice Recognition (Plugin_Julius) #

Only when Plugin_Julius is enabled

Function Mouse Key
Toggle voice input volume display ON/OFF - a
Change voice detection sensitivity - <, >
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