Playing Motions

Playing Motions #

The basic procedure is to play motions by assigning a motion file (.vmd) to a model. Here we introduce the basic messages to play motions.

Starting the Motion Playback #

By specifying the motion file (.vmd) you want to play with the MOTION_ADD message, you can start the motion playback. (model alias) is the alias name of the target model, and (motion_alias) is the motion alias name given to the motion you are about to start.

MOTION_ADD|(model alias)|(motion alias)|file.vmd

If the specified model does not exist, the system will output a Warning and does nothing.

If a motion of the name is already running, overwrite it.

At the time of starting the playback, the following MOTION_EVENT_ADD event message is issued.

MOTION_EVENT_ADD|(model alias)|(motion alias)

When the motion has been played to the end, it is automatically deleted, and a MOTION_EVENT_DELETE message is issued.

MOTION_EVENT_DELETE|(model alias)|(motion alias)

Interrupting in the Middle #

You can interrupt the motion being played with the MOTION_DELETE message.

MOTION_DELETE|(model alias)|(model alias)

When the motion is interrupted and deleted, a MOTION_EVENT_DELETE message is issued.

MOTION_EVENT_DELETE|(model alias)|(model alias)

Switching to Another Motion #

To switch the motion being played to another motion, use MOTION_CHANGE. After the switch, the playback of the switched motion starts.

MOTION_CHANGE|(model alias)|(motion alias)|other.vmd

If the switch is successful, MOTION_EVENT_CHANGE is issued at the same time as the playback of the switched motion starts from the beginning.

MOTION_EVENT_CHANGE|(model alias)|(model alias)

Rewinding #

To rewind the motion being played and start playing from the beginning, use MOTION_RESET.

MOTION_RESET|(model alias)|(motion alias)
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