Browser-based Operational Testing Environment

Browser interface for testing message #

MMDAgent-EX is a messaging system where all the commands and events are managed through messages. It is best to know MMDAgent-EX by knowing messages practically.

MMDAgent-EX has Web browser interface for instant message posting test. While MMDAgent-EX is running, open http://localhost:50000/ with a web browser on the same machine.

The browser will open a page like this:

test message page snapshot

By typing a message into the text box and pressing the Send button, then the message will be sent to MMDAgent-EX and processed. You can send any message.

For example, enter the following message to the text box and send.

PROMPT_SHOW|"This is test"|Yes|OK|"I got it"

When you press the Send button, a prompt dialog like the one below appears on MMDAgent-EX.

test message prompt snapshot

In this way, you can send any message to the running MMDAgent-EX and check its operation via http://localhost:50000/.

Configuration #

There are some options in .mdf to configure this feature:

# set to false to disable the internal http server feature

# set port number to listen
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