Trying Out Different CG Avatars

About CG Avatars #

Gene #

The default CG avatar in Example is called “Gene”. This is a CG character model designed for spoken dialogue system, developed at Lee-Lab, NITech. It is provided under the CC-BY license. For more details and usage conditions, please refer to its public repository.

example snapshot

Uka #

Another CG avatar called “Uka” is also included in the Example folder. You can use “Uka” instead of Gene by editing the line below in main.fst.

    <eps> MODEL_ADD|0|uka/MS_Uka.pmd
./Release/MMDAgent-EX.exe ./example/main.mdf
example snapshot of uka

MMDAgent-EX supports MikuMikuDance format 3D model. Aside from the default avatars, you can use any character on this system. For more detailed methods, please refer to the Displaying 3D Models page.

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