How to use menu

Tab bar

A Tap on a screen or mouse move shows Tab bar at the bottom of the screen.

Icon Description
Adjust audio input level for speech recognition.
Display README document of the current content on screen.
Show/Hide Bookmark.
Show/Hide History.
Show/Hide System Menu.


Tapping Bookmark icons shows content bookmark. To add the current content to bookmark, tap or select the “[+]” on the bookmark menu.

Tap [+] to add the current content

To play the content, simply tap or select the item in the bookmark.

For other operation, Tap and Hold the menu (or move cursor and type Shift+Enter) to show Options.


“History” icon will show a list of content recently played on the device. Selecting one of them will load the content.


Some contents may have a “Buttons” on your screen. You can tap the buttons to take some effect.

Example of Buttons

You can hide them with long tap, “q” key, or [system menu] - [Action] - [Hide/Show buttons].

Last modified July 24, 2022: re-organized for more simplicity (a3ae1a9)