Key and Mouse Operation

Key and Mouse Operations #

MMDAgent-EX can be operated using keys and mouse. Try various actions such as displaying logs, changing the view, and full screen.

Basic Operations #

Function Key Description
Exit App ESC Close the window and exit the app
Reload Shift+r Restart the content
Full Screen f Toggle full screen
Show/Hide Status Indicator s Toggle the Status Indicator at the top left of the screen
View/Hide 3D Log d Toggle the log in 3D scene
View/Hide on-screen log Shift+f Toggle the on-screen log
View Log Terminal Shift+d Start log terminal (Windows)
Scroll Log PageUP, PageDown Scroll through the log

Camera #

Use the Arrow keys to change the camera direction, and hold Shift for movement.

Use + key to zoom in and - key to zoom out.

Camera movement by mouse is disabled by default. Press c key to start moving camera with mouse. Rotate by dragging around the center of the window, move by sliding from a double tap, and zoom in and out with a two-finger pinch. Lock it again with the c key.

After changed camera, press Shift + c to reset camera to the its original position.

※ The changes above will be ignored while playing camera motion.

Press / or the tab bar menu to bring up the menu.

Turn the pages with the left and right keys or left and right flicks. If there are many items, scroll with vertical flicks.

Select an item by using the up and down keys and pressing Enter, or by tapping.

History #

Press Shift + h or the tab bar’s history to display the history of the most recently played content.

Selecting this will play the content.

External App Collaboration #

Press e to open the running dialogue script file in a text editor.

Press Shift + e to open the content’s folder in the explorer.

※ These function works only on Windows.

Drag & Drop #

By dragging and dropping model files (.pmd) or motion files (.vmd) onto the window, you can play them.

※ This feature only works on Windows.

What File Where While Pressing Result Note
.pmd On the model - Replace existing model with specified file
.pmd Anywhere Ctrl Display a new model
.vmd On the model - Play motion Loop playback (“base”, FULL, LOOP)
.vmd Anywhere Ctrl Play on all models Apply to all models as above
.vmd On the model Shift Add motion Play overlaid motions once (PART, ONCE)
.vmd Anywhere Ctrl+Shift Add and play on all models Apply to all models as above
Image file Anywhere - Replace background image png, jpg, bmp, tga
Image file Anywhere Ctrl Replace floor image png, jpg, bmp, tga
.xpmd Anywhere - Replace stage
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