Direct Specification of Bone Morph Values

Direct Specification of Bone Morph Values #

Inside CG models, there may be morphs that switch appearances or bones that provide special movements. These morphs and bones can be incorporated into motions, but it can sometimes be more convenient to set fixed values for them separately from the motions.

In MMDAgent-EX, you can directly specify the values of bones and morphs that are not under the influence of motion through a message. For example, if the model of “Gene” is running, you can send the following message to hide the hair mesh.


Note that if the specified bone or morph is under the influence of motion, the motion side will take precedence.

Setting Values #


This sets a value to the bone. x,y,z represents the amount of movement, and rx,ry,rz represents the amount of rotation.

MODEL_BINDBONE|(model alias)|(bone name)|x,y,z|rx,ry,rz

The value remains valid while the model is displayed. If successful, MODEL_EVENT_BINDBONE is output.

MODEL_EVENT_BINDBONE|(model alias)|(bone name)


This sets a value to the morph. (value) represents the weight, ranging from 0.0 to 1.0. You can gradually change the value to the specified value over the specified (transition_duration) in seconds.

MODEL_BINDFACE|(model alias)|(morph name)|(value)
MODEL_BINDFACE|(model alias)|(morph name)|(value)|(transition_duration)

This also applies while the model is displayed. If the set is successful, MODEL_EVENT_BINDFACE is output.

MODEL_EVENT_BINDFACE|(model alias)|(morph name)

Unbinding #


This unbinds the set value of the bone. It issues MODEL_EVENT_UNBINDBONE at the end.

MODEL_UNBINDBONE|model alias|bone name
MODEL_EVENT_UNBINDBONE|model alias|bone name


This unbinds the set value of the morph. It issues MODEL_EVENT_UNBINDFACE at the end.

MODEL_UNBINDFACE|model alias|morph name
MODEL_EVENT_UNBINDFACE|model alias|morph name
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