Control via Socket Connection
Plugin_Remote provides the functionality for control via socket connections. Please make sure this plugin is enabled when using it.

Control via Socket Connection #

You can connect to a running MMDAgent-EX process via a socket and operate MMDAgent-EX from an external source.

  • Text sent to the socket is issued directly as a message to MMDAgent-EX
  • All messages issued from MMDAgent-EX are sent as input to the socket

While the implementation is slightly more complex compared to embedding as a submodule, it offers the following advantages:

  1. High independence from MMDAgent-EX
  2. Can connect even with applications that do not handle standard input/output
  3. Can be run on different machines, such as GPU machines, separate from the machine running MMDAgent-EX

Method #

MMDAgent-EX supports two types of communication: via WebSocket and TCP/IP. Please see the explanations and samples for each.

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