Effects #

The current MMDAgent-EX cannot handle effect files for MikuMikuEffect (an effect expansion tool for MikuMikuDance, commonly known as MME) due to technical constraints.

However, it does provide pseudo-support for the two post-effects listed below. Please note that these are only approximations and the rendering results may differ from the originals.

AutoLuminous #

We’ve pseudo-implemented the Auto Luminous effect (created by Soboro, commonly known as AL, an effect that makes objects glow) in MMDAgent-EX using Mipmaps. Just like the original, materials with a Shininess value of 101 or above in 3D models will be expressed as glowing.

This process is enabled by default, and rendering is automatically switched on when a model with the above-mentioned materials is displayed. If you want to turn the effect off, please press Shift + L several times.

Diffusion Effect #

The diffusion effect only works on Windows and Linux. It does not work on macOS due to OpenGL incompatibility.

We’ve implemented a version of the MME-ready modified diffusion filter (by Otamon) in MMDAgent-EX using GLSL. It is off by default, but can be switched on by setting diffusion_postfilter=true in the .mdf file as shown below.


diffusion_postfilter_intensity specifies the brightness of the light, and diffusion_postfilter_scale specifies the range of the light. The default values are as shown above, and if you want to change them, you need to specify the values.

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