This is a placeholder page that shows you all the documents about MMDAgent-EX.

Welcome to MMDAgent-EX! This document contains full documentation of MMDAgent-EX.

Privary remark and Terms of service are documents all users should read. Before you start, please take a look at them.

For quick start, go to the Getting Started section and follow the instruction for the first experience of MMDAgent-EX. The How to play section describes how to use this app to play the contents.

If you are interested to modify a content (i.e. changing models) or making your own content for MMDAgent-EX, the Examples section has a list of example contents, and tells you how to see inside them. The details of the files are described in Creating Contents section, including how to use PMX models in MMDAgent-EX.

For reference, all the message specifications are described in All messages section.

Original MMDAgent

MMDAgent-EX is based on original MMDAgent. To know MMDAgent-EX more, it is better to check the site of original MMDAgent project.


Project preface of MMDAgent-EX.

Getting Started

Install and experience it!

How to Play

Playing dialogue contents with MMDAgent-EX.

Dialogue Content

Learn the basics from examples of dialogue contents in MMDAgent-EX.

Creating Contents

It allows you to make your own interactive dialogue content.

Advanced features

Explains advanced features and system issues for developers.

All messages

Full message reference of MMDAgent-EX.


Reference materials and development notes.


The concept of MMDAgent and MMDAgent-EX

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