This is a placeholder page that shows you all the documents about MMDAgent-EX.

Welcome to MMDAgent-EX! This document contains full documentation of MMDAgent-EX.

Privary remark and Terms of service are documents all users should read. Before you start, please take a look at them.

For quick start, go to the Getting Started section and follow the instruction for the first experience of MMDAgent-EX. The play section describes how to use this app to play the contents.

If you are interested to modify a content (i.e. changing models) or making your own content for MMDAgent-EX, read the introduction and get into the Tutorial section which will guides you to the walkthrough of editing a content and publishing it. The details of files in the content and other specifications are described in Files section, including how to use PMX models in MMDAgent-EX.

For reference, all the message specifications are described in All messages section.

Original MMDAgent

MMDAgent-EX is based on original MMDAgent. To know MMDAgent-EX more, it is better to check the site of original MMDAgent project.


Project preface of MMDAgent-EX.

Getting Started

Install and experience it!

Usage Manual

Let’s play a dialogue content with MMDAgent-EX.


System architecture.

Components of a Dialogue Content

Components of a dialogue content.

File Format

Full description and specifications of all files and tools about dialogue content.


Deploy your content on Web.

All Messages


Collection of how-to documents.


Reference sheet of detailed specification.

License Terms

License, terms of service, privary remarks and other informations.